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RENT and Fees.


Amounts. As consideration hereof and as payment for the right of use of the Premises granted herein, RENTER covenants and agrees to pay to MSL Productions without demand the following rents, fees, and amounts:


Premises Rent: $500.00 vs. 10% of Gross Ticket Sales if applicable.


Refundable Damage   I   Cleaning Deposit: $350.00


Refundable Alcohol Deposit: $750.00


Additional Day Fee(s) for Setup or Removal of equipment of decorations may apply  


Additional Fees. RENTER shall also pay to the MSL Productions any and all sums due to MSL Productions for any additional services, accommodations, equipment, or materials provided to RENTER. All requests for additional services, accommodations, equipment, or materials shall be made in writing.


No Refunds. If RENTER fails to take possession of or make use   of the Premises without the written consent   of the MSL Productions, no rent refund shall be made and the RENTER shall forfeit all sums paid. Any payment made to MSL Productions shall be retained by the MSL Productions and the full amount called for by this Agreement, including any disbursements or expenses incurred by MSL Productions in connection therewith, shall be payable by RENTER to MSL Productions.


We are now accepting bookings in our Exhibition Hall, otherwise known as "The Annex".  If you are interested in making a reservation, please take a look at our Online Calendar to see if your date is available. 

Once you have picked a date for your event, visit our Contact Page and let us know the following:

The Event Date you would like to book.
What type of event you're having.
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your email address
Will you have alcohol at your event?

We now have an onsite Scissor Lift for an additional $200.00 that you can utilize at your event for decorating. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this option.

A representative will contact you and get you all set up! It's that easy. If you prefer to talk with us directly, you can call at 575-208-6208. 


Premises Rent: $500.00 per day vs. 10% of Gross Ticket Sales if applicable.


Refundable DamageICleaning Deposit: $350.00


Refundable Alcohol Deposit: $750.00

Optional Scissor Lift Rental - $200.00


Additional Day Fee(s) for Setup or Removal of equipment of decorations will apply

You MUST have Event Liability Insurance for your event. Click here for Example

Walter Gerrells Performing Arts Center

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